Why should I watch… Cell

Ahead of this weekend’s festival, we caught up with a handful of filmmakers due to have their latest work shown on the big screen to ask them why the heck we should watch their films.

A cowardly deserter is captured during WWII and awakens in a strange underground cell, alongside a mysterious female prisoner. The pair are forced to take part in a cruel psychological experiment to earn their freedom, where all is not what it seems…
We took less than a minute to chat to Paul Holbrook, one half of the incredible team behind Shunk Films, and the director of Cell.

Describe Cell in 3 words:

Schlocky B-Movie Sci-Fi

Why should we watch Cell?

It’s a throwback to the fun of the VHS era… with a killer twist

Complete the sentence “watch Cell if you enjoyed…”

Twilight Zone, Iron Sky or House of the Devil

What one piece of advice has served you well through your filmmaking career?


You can catch Cell in the TAKE A CHANCE category screening on Saturday 2 June from 11:30am-12:30pm. Tickets are available by clicking here.


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