Longfield Drive – PFF Official Selection for Best Student Film

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Selected to screen at Plymouth Film Festival and part of the Best Student Film Official Selection, Longfield Drive is a dark political Crime Drama set in Oakland USA that looks to explore the sensitive issue of police racial profiling and shootings. We spoke with Director of Longfield Drive, Kiosa Sukami, an innovative up-and-coming British filmmaker, about his passion for film production.

When asked about his motivation for this project, Kiosa cites a hot political and social topic that has touched the lives of many people across the globe, with a brief reference to the shooting of 18 year old African American Michael Brown in Ferguson, and the subsequent protests that were sparked worldwide.

“We’ve all heard the news reports about racial profiling and the unrest caused by shootings in the US, but you never feel you have the full picture. Longfield Drive will give the festival audience the whole picture without any bias.”

Set in a typical American diner, but filmed in a single location in Bournemouth, this ambitious set was meticulously styled inside and out to provide a seamless journey through the short film. The film features a continuous shot through the set, and this proved to be the biggest challenge for the production team as they had just one day to complete the filming.

“Bold. Unpredictable. Witty.”

– Kiosa Sukami, Director, on how to describe Longfield Drive

For someone so fresh in the world of filmmaking, this is undoubtedly a project with high aspirations. Kiosa explained the passion that has driven him so far, “I always knew since I could remember I wanted to shoot videos, even if it wasn’t films. The day that I was given the ultimatum approaching higher education and college to either take the Medicine route after my father, or the Creative route, I didn’t blink twice & I’ve been running with it ever since.”

So how does someone who is carving a path for themselves through the world of filmmaking feel when they learn their work has been selected to screen at Plymouth Film Festival?

“Over the moon! PFF has an amazing audience beyond my peers that I’m thrilled will get to see this film, and it takes selections seriously. Finding out we were up against 650 other films feels like a win in itself and has given me more fire in my belly to continue filmmaking.”

Longfield Drive will be screened on Saturday 27 May as part of the State of The World category, and is also part of the Official Selection for Best Student Film. Tickets for this screening session are available online here.


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