How to Increase your Chances to Win Keno

Arguably the most underrated casino game is online keno Australia as it is too controlled by luck. Considering that it is a gambling game, the notion that it is controlled by luck is somehow true. However, there are some useful tips that can help one figure out optimal play.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best Keno strategy tips that have been tested and proven to work by very many players across the world. These tips are also not illegal to use and they will not get you kicked out of your favorite casino in Las Vegas or anywhere else.

While using these tips, ensure that you are playing the game correctly. Also use some smart ways to manage your money. Let’s now get down to the tips.

  1. Choose Casinos with Better Payouts

While this might seem obvious, many players still prefer choosing their favorite online casino where they play slot machines and other casino games.

You should find out how many variants of Keno are available at the casino and check the payouts for guessing the correct numbers.

Most online casinos will allow you to choose up to 20, 15, or 10 numbers to bet on, and in 80 numbers, 20 are drawn.

Usually, the best payouts online should look like this

Ten Ten 1800 to 1, nine 600 to 1, eight 30 to 1, seven 10 to 1, six 5 to 1, five 3 to 1, four 2 to 1, three 1 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, one 0,
Nine Nine 1200 to 1, eight 80 to 1, seven 20 to 1, six 8 to 1, five 4 to 1, four 2 to 1, three 1 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, one 0.5 to 1
Eight eight 720 to 1, seven 90 to 1, six 19 to 1, five 6 to 1, four 3 to 1, three 1 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, one 0.5 to 1
Seven seven 100 to 1, six 36 to 1, five 12 to 1, four 6 to 1, three 1 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, one 0.5 to 1
Six six 75 to 1, five 30 to 1, four 3 to 1, three 2 to 1, two 1 to 1, one 0.5 to 1
Five five 50 to 1, four 15 to 1, three 3 to 1, two 1 to 1, one 0.5 to 1 
Four four 12 to 1, three 6 to 1, two 2 to 1, one 0.5 to 1
Three three 16 to 1, two 2 to 1, one 1 to 1
Two two 9 to 1, one 1 to 1
One One 1 to 1

This progression can also follow further especially if you opt for more than 10 numbers. For example, you would be paid out a whopping 10000 to 1 if you choose 15 and you have guessed all of the right.

When playing Keno online, there are usually the optimal payouts, there is no need to go for anything that offers less.

  • Select between 4 and 8 Numbers

When it comes to choosing the numbers, it is important to note that the payouts often change based on how many numbers a player chooses. Instead of choosing up to 20 or 15, choose between 4 and 8 numbers.

The chances of winning is extremely low if you choose less than 4. Again, choosing more than 8 will require that you hit 4 or more numbers for you to get any additional money above the money you have spent for the wager.

  • Play at a Reliable Casino

Ensure that you are playing at a trustworthy casino. You might discover a great Keno strategy. However, you might never see your winnings if all the money goes to the illegal casino. For you to get full chances of winning at Keno game, most of your choices should be related to a particular casino and game platform.  

  • Start by Playing for Free

For you to get hold of Keno game, you should start playing it for free before diving into real money play. This will ensure that you are not losing your money.